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In-House Financing

We understand the financial challenges our clients face and are able to offer our clients what we believe to be the most flexible rental finance options and the best service available in the market.

Print Solutions

Reliable, cost-effective print, copy, fax and scan solutions that optimise everyday tasks while improving information and data security.

Enterprise Comunication

A diverse portfolio of communications solutions that optimise business efficiency by keeping staff connected anytime, anywhere and reducing operating costs throughout your enterprise.

Security Solutions

In a world where crime statistics are on the rise and criminals are becoming more brazen, intelligent physical security infrastructure is more important than ever to protect your assets, human and technological.

Digital Solutions

Innovation is the name of the game as we bring you a range of smart solutions that make your people more collaborative and productive, and your operations more efficient and competitive.


Can’t is our least favourite word. We believe that nothing is impossible – even under the most challenging circumstances. It’s an attitude that has served us and our clients well for over two decades and we see no reason to adopt a different one now.

You are In Good Hands With ITEC

Itec’s vision is to be the leading office technology solutions provider, while empowering both employees and clients to build better, greener working environments.

Our mission is to provide customised, innovative and environmentally-friendly office technology solutions, through professional people who are enthusiastic about the brand and passionate about what they do.

To help our clients work smarter, not harder is our mantra at Itec




Trust between a client and a service provider is the cement that builds solid businesses. We start a relationship with a simple goal – to earn your trust. We do it by being accountable, by delivering on our promises and by being there when you need us. Trust doesn’t happen overnight. It accrues slowly with day-after-day service delivery. That is how we have built long lasting relationships with thousands of clients



and Growing



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